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MoP New Dig Sites

We have some more data-mined details for Archaeology in the upcoming MoP Expansion! Pandaren Keystone: Pandaren Oracle Bone Mogu Keystone: Mogu Statue Piece Pandaria Digsites  (March Beta) Tiger’s Wood Chun Tian Shrine of the Dawn Ruins of Gan Shi Emperor’s Omen The Arboretum Thunderwood Singing Marshes North Great Wall South Great Wall Torjari Pit Hidden Pass […]

MoP Beta Items (March)

We have some new Archaeology items data-mined from the latest MoP Beta: Pandaren Tea Set – The Pandaren have a rich history of tea. While much care is given to its brewing, the secrets to properly enjoying tea have always been equally valued. This simple tea set was made during the reign of the Mogu, […]

Ghostcrawler’s Cataclysm Post Mortem

Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street posted this bit about Archaeology in The Cataclysm Post Mortem series. Check out the full blog post here! I have mixed feelings about Archaeology. I feel like it’s a good addition to professions and offers more, and more varied, gameplay than our existing professions. Still, it’s clear that some players wanted more. […]

Post 4.3 Interview with Ghostcrawler

Ghostcrawler shared his thoughts with Curse on Patch 4.3 now that it has been released and what the future has in store. Listen to the full interview for some other info that relates to Mists of Pandaria! Post 4.3 Interview with Greg Street (Ghostcrawler) [bluepost]Items from Archaeology have low item levels compared to the new […]

Patch 4.3 for Archaeologists

The Hour of Twilight is here and we have a few confirmed changes for Archaeology. (Patch Notes) What was previewed on the PTR came through to live, tracking archaeology sites via minimap. Archaeology areas of interest will now show on the mini-map, in addition to the World Map. Also: Archaeology fragments will now be 5-9 […]

Notes from Blizzcon 2011

Looks like nothing new is coming in Patch 4.3 Below is what we know from Blizzcon 2011. From Class, Professions, and Items Q&A [bluepost]Q: Archaeology has been ignored other than a few added things. Are we going to see anything cooler, better vanity items–lower than max level heirlooms of more variety? A: Archaeology is eclectic […]

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